Meet, Mingle & Dance or just Meet & Mingle!

The best parties for the 40+ crowd - fun and friendly!

Great Dance Music , Great Atmosphere, Always NEW people!

Coming to our parties is probably the best way to improve your social life in a hurry!


The 40+


(760) S-I-N-G-L-E-S  (24 hr info)



Last Party was Fantastic!

about 120 attended!






8110 Aero Drive, 92123

7-11pm  (doors open at 6;30)

Enter at thIS party for a chance to win a 2 hour private Sunset cruise,
for you and up to 9 friends on a 65' Sea Ray Cruiser on San Diego Bay

compliments of Elite Limo & Party Bus Svc.

Winner's name to be picked at first party in September, from  the door prize forms from July, Aug & Sept .


~Enjoy the cozy ambiance of the nightclub lounge at the 4 Points Sheraton!

~ You'll see a great "international" mix of  usually up to 100-150 single men and women. Meet, mingle & dance or just meet & mingle - either way, you'll meet some nice people!

~ And, you'll ALWAYS see NEW people because at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the crowd at each party are NEW FIRST that, people from other 40+ groups join us.

~Ages mostly 40ish-60ish...  some  are a little younger and some are a little older.... but all are welcome!

~ Our Great DJ with the most popular music - from Old to New, Mild to Wild, Rock to Romantic, Swing to Salsa &Latin to Line Dances! Something for everyone!  High energy dance music!

~ The Dance floor  will be jamming all night!


~ More Fun, door prizes including rounds of  9 hole golf, wine, San Diego T-shirts & more!


~Fresh flowers on the tables!




~ Our now famous "decadent" Hersheys CHOCOLATES at evening's end!
and ...

~ Sandwiches, appetizers and dinners available!  Reasonable drink prices!

~and Friendly people, hostess, bartender, and of course - your host!
What else could you ask for if you're Single, around 40-60  and would like meet new people???

Please note:  State law prohibits food or beverages being brought in from outside of the hotel into the club!  If found, customer will be asked to dispose of it, and the party organizer/host may be fined


Men - NO JEANS, NO JEANS, NO JEANS, or t-shirts, sweats, sports hats, flip flops, etc.  You must look good to get in!  SHARP DRESS!

Ladies -  Cocktail wear suggested, but you always look good in whatever you wear.

You may just find the love of your life as so many have!



Hope to see you there,



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~ We are "WEDDING PLANNERS"!  Let us know if you met at our party and are getting married!

~ Find a wife for Dave!   $1,000 cash reward (finder's fee)!

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"Hi dave. Thank you so much for your effort to make the New Year's Eve party so nice for us!

The food and ambiance was great!

You went all out with the party favors, champagne,  give-aways and decorations.

 Just wanted to let you know I appreciate it. Have a great New Year.



"You can post this in the internet, if you chose to use it!


I am new to San Diego, and have been attending since November 2013.


The music is the best and the men attending usually a lot of fun!!


Everyone at the front desk is very helpful!!


Luz Marina Villarreal"



"I went to your Valentine's Day party Friday night, and I was surprised - almost shocked at

how many people were there,  and almost  an even number from both sexes! I danced all night!

Susan D.


"Came to the Doubletree for my first party, but the woman at the front desk wouldn't let me in because I was wearing jeans and a nice sweatshirt - a real nice one.  I poked my head in and saw a big crowd in the room - so I decided to go home and change!  Glad I did!  You had a lot of hot women there!  All races too - White, Asian, Black, Hispanic.  It was like the United Nations, and a wide variety of ages, which I liked also, even though I was younger than most.  Everyone socialized with everyone else!  Well worth the few bucks to get in and definitely well worth going home to change!  I'll know better next time!"



Smelly Party !

'Valentine's Party...very nice party, but there was an awful smell in the room when I first arrived..... Dave and the DJ kept telling everyone that it was just something about a burned out bulb. It was bad!  Permeated the room, and even the lobby downstairs.  I was about to leave, but after a short while it seemed to disappear.  Good thing that I remained, because I met a nice guy and at the end of the evening he took a rose off the table and gave it  me.  I'm out of town on business for a couple of weeks, but we are going  to meet there at the next party. The party  really ended smelling like a ROSE!"

Elena W.


As host of the parties,  I like to ask people how they are liking the night.  Most comments are about the music.  On this one occasion,  I asked two ladies (girlfriends) who came to the party together, how THEY liked the music.  First one didn't like it - she said  that the DJ plays too much OLD music.  The second  wasn't happy either- she said that he played too much NEW music!  ...and then they began to  laugh and "argue" about it between themselves!  ha,ha!  Funny - but absolutely true story!

It's the strangest thing... ya know - you just can't please everyone, but I try,

So, let ME know if there is music that you'd like to hear!  :>)




If your EXACT birthday falls on the EXACT date of our party,

we would like to make you and up to 3 of your friends, guests at the party!

(yes, complimentary admission for you and your friends)

... and you will receive a bottle of the finest vintage wine (2016) to take home!  ;>)

Just call us or send an email as soon as you know that you'll be coming to the party.

Please contact us by the day before the party at the latest,

The birthday person's name will be the (secret) password for the complimentary admission.

You will  be asked to present a driver's license (or facsimile) showing your actual birth date.

That's all!

So, on your birthday, come and have your party at our party!

*Note; If your birthday is on Dec 31, (New Years) we will make YOUR admission complimentary,  but  we can not comp friends.


Business Networking

If you have business cards or brochures for your service, business, profession, or hobby -

you are welcome to bring them to a party and we will gladly display them

on our reception table.

(we reserve the right not to display any cards that we feel are inappropriate)




  We are the parties that everyone has talked about in San Diego since the 90's and then again back  since 2010!

As your host, I try to make the parties fun, comfortable, reasonably priced, and conducive  to meeting new people. I am more interested in giving you a great experience, and good value, rather than how much money I can get from you at the door!

When you've come to a few parties, you'll feel like you're coming to "CHEERS", where everyone knows your name"!

The parties are geared for men and women generally around the 40's & 50's some younger and some older attend.  Anyone near those ages will feel comfortable.  All are welcome!

We always have one of our popular DJ's, who will try to play as many requests as possible;

Except for special parties such as New Years Eve, the admission is always cash at the door.  NY Eve we take reservations w/  credit cards.

Dress code for MEN: stylish - No jeans, t-shirts, sports hats, flip flop, sweats etc. (Women always look good, so no need to mention:>)

 The cash bar also includes a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

So, come to the fun, friendly parties, where you're sure to meet some wonderful people!





(if link doesn't work, please just send a regular email)

We will gladly include you on our VIP email list to receive advance updates & special discounts!


~The Top Ten List ~

Do's & Don'ts at a party ...

Having put on over 3,000 dance parties for single adults,  I have noticed some things  that people should do and should not do if they REALLY want to have a good time and meet new people. See how many sound familiar....

1) Have a positive attitude, be sociable, smile a lot, & come to have fun with no expectations!

2) Place yourself where the action is;  closer to the dance floor, or closer to the bar area. Don't hide in corners!

3) Women - do not congregate all night with a group of other women - especially sitting. Try walking around by yourself or with one other woman. It's much less intimidating for a man to ask you to dance if he doesn't have to do it in front of your entire group. (and with the fear of possibly being rejected.)

4) "When you see an (interesting) stranger across a crowed room", be sure to flash a big smile!  A smile is probably the most inviting and welcoming gesture that you can legally make! ;>)

5) Whether or not you're having an alcoholic drink, keep a glass of something (water, juice, soda, virgin drinks) in your hand anyway - it looks more sociable...especially men -  otherwise you will be free to cross your arms or stand with hands in your pockets, both of which give off negative body language and are very uninviting positions!  Make yourself look like you are IN the party and not an OBSERVER - put something in your hands.

6a) Men - do not hesitate to ask women to dance just because you think that she might refuse. Most women will absolutely dance if asked.

6b) Women - do not hesitate to ask men to dance just because you think that he might refuse. Most men will absolutely dance if asked.

6c) Similarly, if you'd really rather not dance  with someone - just say ''no thank you".  If you say something like,  "maybe later " or "not right now" - it's guaranteed that that person will come back later

7) If you came by yourself, don't hesitate to socialize with people of the same'll be surprised how many new friends you'll make, and after coming to the parties,  our parties almost become like "Cheers", where "everyone knows your name."

8) Don't allow yourself to get tied down to one person all night if you don't really want to. You might say something like "I've enjoyed talking with you, and I now I'm going to mingle for a while".

9) We have tons of great music so, please do make requests of the DJ or your host.

10)  Men... One of the my "Laws of attraction" is that  - the sharper you dress, the more women will be attracted to you

 Some of the above may sound corny, but only YOU can determine if you'll  meet people and have a good time, so - GO FOR IT!



You are getting Married? 


Did you meet at a 40+ Singles Party, and you are getting married?  Please contact me, because if you would like to have your wedding  ceremony,  right, smack in the middle of our singles party, I will provide  everything below for the big event! We will stop the party to have your wedding ceremony in front of  up to 200 of your "closest friends"!



~The Ceremonial Room or Hall

~ The music by our very popular DJ - (request your special songs)!

 ~ Flowers for the bridal party! (certain limits here) !

~ Free admission for your guests (up to 25 free)!

~and even your wedding night in a beautiful guest room at the hotel!

and possibly more!

So let me know!




24 Hour recorded party schedule & info

(760)S-I-N-G-L-E-S        (760)746-4537




and collect $1,000.00 cash reward *

 a finder's fee!  (recompenesa en Espanol)!

(above photo2016)

As the host of the 40+ Singles Parties, and being single myself, I don't feel

that it's appropriate for me to approach a woman at a party for a date -

after all, she is my customer.

(of course, I am open to a woman approaching me for a date!  ha, ha!)


Because of this unusual situation that I find myself in, I have developed a website for myself -

At my website, you will notice that I am actually offering a

a reward of $1,000 cash, - a "finder's fee",  (recompensa, en Espanol),

for the person who introduces me to (or is directly responsible for me meeting) the woman that I marry*

So, check out my website,,

and especially the YouTube videos on the site!

Good luck to all of us....

(and I'll just keep that cool $1,000  in the bank, drawing no interest at all,  until you find Ms Right for me!)



1)  Reward does not apply for introducing me to a woman at a party that I  host or  a woman who has been to one my parties, or a woman that I have already met in the past.

2)  The "finder" who  sends or introduces me to the woman, must identify him or herself  to me by EMAIL within one week of me meeting or being introduced to her.   (Purpose:   so that if (and after) I marry the woman, a person can not then claim that THEY were the one who introduced us.< in order to claim the reward! > Fair is Fair!)

3)  Reward is in effect if you see it here and on my website,





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4635 Clairemont Mesa Blvd

San Diego, Ca   92117

Donations accepted!





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